Hieronder staan een aantal referenties, persoonlijk aan mij toegestuurd.

Wil jij iets delen over hoe je mijn begeleiding hebt ervaren, dan ontvang ik deze graag per e-mail. Dank je wel!

persoonlijke coaching

21 september 2017

I met and worked with Maia during the transition period in my professional life. It was a time when I was changing my career goals and refocusing myself. Maia was there for me. Her calmness, coaching skills and tools that she used, helped me in this challenging time.
Monika Boomgaard
Business strategist

30 november 2015

Dear Maia,

I would like to thank you for accompanying me through a very difficult time in my life.

You always had an open ear and consulted me in how to develop in a period of sickness and a time without vision and perspective.

From week to week we made step after step together until I was finally back in normal life again.

I appreciate your creativity which always thrives for solutions as well as your enthusiasm and positive energy.

With all that I learned I now approach my life and work differently and feel much more confident and self-assured. You helped me see my sickness as a possibility see myself differently and find out what is really important for me.

I would like to express all my thanks and gratitude.



Burnout preventie

16 oktober 2017

I had a pleasure to take part in a workshop regarding dynamics of workaholism that Maia gave for Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands. What I really liked about the workshop was its informative value, awareness of the burnout problem and interactions with the audience. One could easily see that Maia is an expert and was answering all our questions with enthusiasm. I am happy I joined the workshop.
— Agata 

29 juli 2015

Bedankt voor de prettige, open en veilige BOPS sessie. Jouw eerlijkheid en openheid werd zeer gewaardeerd.

Deelnemer workshop